Hey You

It’s been a while …


Hit rock bottom and  threw in the towel


Now after I ran a mile


I’m sitting here with a smile

Monet Allen-Kemp


Going through transitions

Its my mission to transcend this

Realm of inconsistent love

My innocence is like a dove

Caged from flying in the sky above

Lately I just need a hug

I can’t seem to shake this bug

Everyone’s just giving up

My hope is like a raisin in the sun

No one ever seems to be the one

I seem to be the only one who's not having fun

Pretending I don’t feel my lungs

Burn with fatigue while I smoke on some tree

Pollen blows through the breeze

No bees to take it where it pleases

Flowers bloom in my mind

Then wither away with time

I myself seem to be losing rhyme

Seasons have reasons

People breathe treason

Their words talk of love

While their actions leave lesions  

Monet Allen-Kemp







Beauty Queen




           Look at how society has programmed me

   A black beauty queen to be…


At default is on her knees


Ready to please




                                    Begging for release


Please believe me these bindings  


are laced with time


Unwinding as I climb


 an everlasting mountain of truth


While you sip on your juice


        And hang from your noose      


Brotha man understand


      I am the womb of this land


Do not try to claim from me this clan


My passion you can not withstand


It rains from the heavens   drowns out the fakes


 The narcissists & pessimests


 of this generation

     There is no time for hating


Only generating a new nation of greatness


Black women rising up from the hatred...  



Monet Allen-Kemp



How free is the bird confined to the sky?


How free is the fish confined to the sea?


How free is man confined to this life ?


How free is the soul confined to this flesh?


How free is free when it is defined by me ?


Monet  Allen-Kemp


4 am


Existential crisis wake up call


First anger consumes me...


Pent up frustration causes me to burst


Allowing other people to disrupt my energy,


Bad mood fucks up my synergy


I’m tired of everybody using me


Everybody takes and takes


Pulling at the pieces to my car  


Now I’m driving fast with no brakes.


I see my life in takes


It only takes one minute


To break a bond thats formed with time


Rain pours on my window pane


Pretending I don’t feel my pain


Never had a best friend


Cause all these people are pretend


They’re never there in the end

They only want you when your in   

Monet Allen-Kemp




The truth is in front of you


Open your eyes


You're blissfully blind


You believe the disguise


See with your mind eye


 You will not be surprised


There is truth in the lies


And that I despise


I hear all the cries


Beware all the signs


Monet Allen-Kemp


Jungle Rose

Concrete jungle rose,



    Exhale the smoke through my nose


Already predisposed to all of life’s woes


No grass to feel through my toes


Only pain in my soul


Nobody really knows all of my greatest foes


Reside in my head, they lie in bed


Those lies they do spread


They always bring dread


While I eat my daily bread


They invalidate my credibility in my abilities


Incapacitate my sensibilties…

                 Monet Allen-Kemp




Pressure pushing in at all sides


You wanna sit and wonder why?


Sometimes you ever think you wanna die?


You know those times when you cry ..


Fears not real it’s just a pill


Sit back, relax & try to chill





I know it works a deal

           Monet Allen-Kemp


Mentally unstable


Physically able to hide the distress


The way I dress hides my mess


You failed the test


I digress, in constant stress


Which way is west


Which way is east


Im where they meet


My soul I greet


When I’m at peace


Yet I don’t see all I could be

Monet Allen-Kemp



Water isn’t wet


No path is ever set


If you expect


be ready to regret


Give and get give


Live and let live


Monet Allen-Kemp




Freedom is nonexistent on this plane of existence.


Our spirits are slaves to the self satisfactory pleasures of this world .


Always seeking temporary pleasures to a reoccuring urge


Addicts is what we all are, no matter what it is to, material things,


drugs,sex,etc...Looking and searching for a peace that can not be


achieved through physical means. Spiritual stagnation is damnation and we’re


pacing the line of termination. All it takes is determination to grow to greatness.


Self awareness is key to be free, that is why I have to learn me. I am my ancestors,


They are me. Every culminating moment has led to this. The discovery of who  


I really am. The immortality of the spirit never ceasing. No stalling, always moving,


ever present, my identity across all identities. Every past life passing the light , so that I may


shine bright….

Monet Allen - Kemp