About Mo

I consider myself an artistic entrepreneur. I love experiencing new things and meeting new people. I've always been heavily drawn to visual arts. From a young age, I knew I wanted to pursue a plethora of creative endeavors throughout my life. I participated in dance for 8 years and musical theatre for 7. After graduating high school I became involved with modeling. It was just for fun at first...taking pictures with , and for friends , while hanging out and what not. Eventually I started taking it serious and 2 years later I can say that I've been published in 2 magazines, have my own segment in a book about androgyny and gender equality. I can say that I now have a platform to display all of my creative hobbies, and those of my peers. 


Not only does this website contain my visual porfotlio. It also displays a selection of my personal poems and will consist of a steady blog... There was a lot of deliberation in my mind on whether or not I wanted to share that part of myself . The emotional nature of some of my pieces makes me feel very vunerable. In the end I decided that since at its core this is meant to be my creative release. I am going to allow myself to be  raw....Completely genuine upon my delivery.


I'd love to shine a spotlight on the lives of all the creatives that have a transformative energy to bring to the world. Some of the strongest people come from shattered backgrounds and most don't get the chance to share their stories. This website was created because I couldn't find a platform that provided what was needed for me to truly prosper. I hope to be that platform for other people.